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ADX received a great mention from Michael Buchino and The Creative Social Network!  Or friend Michael Buchino shares his thoughts on the Portland creative community and its salons, sites and society through My Creative Scene.

My Creative Scene is an insight into different creative and cultural happenings in cities where our members and readers live.
As many Portland folks know, creativity and design has become a calling card of  the city’s nontraditional reputation.  The events, organizations, and society surrounding art, design, and idea building seems to continuously grow.  Michael Buchino has the unique position of tracking and sharing about the creativity scene because of his involvement and creation of events, groups, and personal works he develops as a graphic designer/artist.  He understands that the momentum propelling the Portland creative scene and other cities’ creative scenes is by co-collaboration, sharing, and getting involved.  

You can read Michael Buchino’s blog, My Creative Scene, by following this link.

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