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The ADX Foundation is designed to support the Make It Scholarship Fund which expands programming and increases services to traditionally underserved populations people of color, refugees, immigrants, people with financial need, LGBTQI+, students challenged by traditional education, women, older adults, previously incarcerated people, previously homeless, and veterans.


It is time to push ADX forward into a comprehensive campaign to grow resources in support of our mission and to advance our capacities to serve the thinkers and makers across the greater Portland region. The ADX Foundation will strengthen and secure our position at the heart of Portland’s Maker Movement. Part workforce training center, part startup maker business incubator, and part arts and culture hub, ADX will continue to create and provide exciting, innovative and inclusive programming for Portland’s growing maker community.

campaign initiatives

Workforce Training Programs

Our training programs focus on collaborative, cross-generational, cross-experiential group learning, where we focus on working together to solve a series of problems using a variety of tools.  ADX starts with “soft skill” development like basic shop safety and working in a team. We then move into the more technical skills including how to use and operate equipment to perform highly specialized tasks, like applying design drawings to measure, cut, weld, and finish.

Entrepreneurial Services

ADX hosts a number of startup businesses that are prototyping and testing locally made consumer products that fill specific market niches. Oftentimes these businesses need access to professional services like web design, financial projections, accounting, and marketing services. During our expansion of programs and services, ADX will work with community partners to deliver more structured business services to the startups working on campus.

Startup Access to ADX Fabrication Services

We believe that with a little bit more investment up front, many companies will realize greater success as they scale. Over the years, we have found that our in-house Design and Fabrication services have allowed many companies to prototype and produce their first batch of products in a supportive, educational and cost-effective manner. In order to continue to serve these small maker companies, ADX will expand our Make It! Scholarship Fund to support small startup maker companies that are interested in starting, growing and scaling their companies. 

Youth Programming

With increased funding, ADX can redevelop our campus to better serve youth, including more dedicated classroom space, more digital lab space for designing and prototyping, dedicated shop space for collaborative learning, and more instructors who can work with teachers to develop meaningful hands-on experiences on campus.

Make It! Scholarship Fund

At ADX, people from all age groups and backgrounds learn new skills that they can use to get a job or start a business in the design and manufacturing sectors. ADX programs offer several options for individuals and groups looking to enhance their lives with a practical, hands-on experience. From digital design and electronics to fabrication and manufacturing, you can learn 21st-century skills needed to get high-demand jobs in the Portland market.

Tool and Facility investments

In order to expand our existing programming around digital design, prototyping, and teaching, the ADX Campus will be upgraded to include dedicated classrooms and shops exclusively for workforce training and youth programming. This will allow members, entrepreneurs and others to use the existing campus facilities for their products and projects. Upgrades to the existing campus shops will ensure that members are provided with a high-quality experience with our tools. ADX Campus upgrades will include improvements to dust collection, added clean space for classes and digital activities, spray booth facilities and building-wide ventilation.

Our Board

Kelley Roy

Alex Nelson

Jim Hassert

John Connor

Board Chair

Board Treasurer

Board Secretary

Board Member

The founding board is actively recruiting board members and fundraising committee members.  For information about how to get involved, contact Kelley at

Join Us!

Ways to Support the Campaign & Naming Opportunities

There are many ways in which individuals can become a part of the campaign and assist in making it a highly successful endeavor. A few of these critically important roles in the early phases of the campaign include:

JOIN the Campaign Committee as a volunteer leader.

HOST a Leadership Awareness event to introduce people across the region to ADX.

SERVE on the Speakers Bureau to expand awareness of ADX and its essential place in the overall economy of the region.

INCLUDE ADX in your Estate Plan with a planned legacy gift.

The ADX Board of Directors wish to recognize all gifts to the campaign but are especially conscious of the need to properly recognize the wonderful generosity of our lead gift and planned gift donors. To this end, there are numerous naming opportunities throughout the campus including workshops, design spaces, classrooms, etc.  All are covered under our naming policy and apply to gifts beginning at the $10,000 level.

All gifts to the campaign for the ADX Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Oregon, are fully tax deductible under current IRS guidelines.

Kelley Roy
417 SE 11th Avenue

President & Founder
Portland, OR 97214

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