Member of the Month: Anatoly Geyfman

July 7, 2014

Anatoly Geyfman is one of the talented professionals working out of our Coworking Office. A seasoned, award-winning technical leader, Anatoly is responsible for creating large-scale software management systems widely used in the medical field and in a number of Fortune 500 companies. Despite his impressive accomplishments, Anatoly is an incredibly humble and affable member of our community, always willing to share his knowledge and expertise with anyone who asks.

Following in the steps of his two older brothers, Anatoly developed a love of coding and software at an early age. Anatoly describes his hometown of Stamford, Connecticut, in the late 90s as the “Wild West” of coding. With the growing demand from large companies for software development and only a small pool of skilled programmers to draw from, opportunities abounded for the young Anatoly. By age 16, he was already coding professionally as an intern, building sophisticated software from the ground up.

Anatoly Geyfman

These days, Anatoly’s work focuses on big picture, software architecture rather than smaller, software component design. Basically, he creates large-scale software systems that solve highly complex but specific problems for companies. At DICOM Grid, Anatoly architected and built a world-class medical image management, storage, and transport platform. This software now allows doctors to exchange medical images with each other that were previously too large to easily share. Anatoly’s work has enabled the exchange of over 150,000 images per day and the program has nearly 1 billion images under management.

Anatoly recently won Grand Prize in the Digital Privacy Notice Challenge held by Office of the National Coordinator and Office for Civil Rights. In this challenge, Anatoly developed an innovative HIPAA form. This form made it easier to notify people of their rights to their personal data by being web-specific, easy to integrate, and open sourced with a consistent presentation across mobile platforms. Anatoly’s innovative form can be integrated into hospital portals, patient health records, and other patient-centered health applications.


Between building complex software systems and winning national awards, Anatoly has also recently started his own business, HospitalMark. HospitalMark provides sales organizations with valuable information about potential healthcare clients. By analyzing data gathered from federal, state, and private sources, HospitalMark creates a “sales persona” for medical institutions nation-wide. By comparing the personas of past clients, Anatoly is able to tell sales organizations who their most likely buyers are and why. He is currently piloting his service by providing sales leads to several organizations and receiving feedback from them to improve his system. Although still in its early stages, HospitalMark has already proven to be effective.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 6.22.24 PM

We are honored to have such an inspiring mind working out of our coworking space and can’t wait to see HospitalMark take off!