ANX Gallery Steward


ADX’s ANX Gallery provides Portland with an exhibition space that shows a variety of artwork in different media, as well as functional objects. Alternating quarterly member-maker shows, group, and solo exhibitions provide a spectrum of form, function and utility. A goal of this curatorial project is to give exposure to local makers, fine artists, and those who bridge the two. Additionally, ANX Gallery aims to offer people from underrepresented communities — women, people of color, LGBTQ and other minorities — a stage to display their talents and wares.

The ANX Gallery Steward position is an unpaid work/trade position that requires two five (5) hour shifts for a total of ten (10) hours per week of gallery oversight within ANX Gallery. In exchange for your time, you will receive unlimited shop access at ADX during regular business hours, discounts on classes, and more! The primary duties of the Gallery Steward is to oversee the gallery during one five-hour shift on Saturday, plus other administrative tasks. Other duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing the space for events. Helping with install and de-install of exhibitions
  • Attending gallery openings and lectures
  • Cleaning the gallery
  • Handling artwork
  • Following all opening and closing procedures
  • Facilitating self-initiated gallery projects and improvements
  • Writing press releases and calls for entry
  • Greeting and engaging gallery visitors
  • Additional tasks as required
  • While some basic tool and shop knowledge is helpful, this position is meant to provide a learning opportunity.

We require a 3-month commitment to this position. Though we would prefer to have our work/trade members to stick around longer, we realize that life happens. Each work/trade member that works 6 months or more will receive 30% off any membership for one year after their work/trade membership has ended.

To apply, please send a resume, work samples, references, and amusing cat image to, and take our tool knowledge survey so we can assess your starting skills:


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