ANX Gallery

ANX Gallery provides Portland with an exhibition space that shows a variety of media, artworks and functional objects. Alternating quarterly member-maker shows, group and solo exhibitions provide a spectrum of form, function and utility.

A goal of this curatorial project is to provide exposure to local makers, fine artists, and those who bridge the two. Additionally, we aim to offer people from underrepresented communities — women, people of color, LGBTQ and other minorities — a stage to display their talents and wares.


Upcoming Shows

Beauty in Fragility by Maya Vivas

August 4th through August 25th

Opening Party: August 4th from 6pm to 9 pm
Artist Talk & Closing Reception: August 25th at 7 pm
Tickets available soon.

Beauty in Fragility is the combination of two distinct bodies of work:
“Radical Emergence: An exploration in adaptation, sensuality, & abundance” and “Black: Dissected & Articulated.”

These works not only illustrate my struggle to conceptualize and navigate my own complex identities, but meld together ideas of growth, harvest, commodity and the exchange of goods. Radical Emergence (works in porcelain) serves as the exterior side of this struggle, exploring beauty in growth; while Black is interior, delving further into identity, gaining comfortability in vulnerability, and realizing that there is beauty in fragility.