ANX Pro Membership


The ANX Pro space was designed for companies ready to scale. Let ADX worry about paying for power, water, sewer, garbage, high-speed internet, an alarm system, an office copy machine, tool and building maintenance and triple net while you pay a single monthly payment of $1250 and focus your time and energy on growing your business.


ADX Pro is an all-inclusive membership for up to 8 business owners who are ready to take their companies to the next level. Check out the numerous benefits below, and when you’re ready to apply, email us at!

Space & Tools

Your monthly ADX Pro Membership includes 6000 cb/ft (400 sq/ft) of dedicated workspace, dedicated parking, and exclusive 24/7 access to the ANX Pro facility. Pro memberships include two Unlimited memberships to the ADX Makerspace, access to 1000 sq/ft of common space for assembly, painting and glue-ups, a loading bay, wood and metal shop access after 5pm on weekdays and all day on the weekends, shared kitchen, and bathrooms.

Grow Business

ANX Pro Members have access to referrals to help meet their business needs, including financial and bookkeeping assistance, business planning, production consulting, and retail buyer introductions. Reach more customers with complementary promotional marketing through ADX’s networks, and grow your business with exposure to the ADX community, comprised of thousands of Portlanders with ties all over the world.


Membership to ADX Pro entitles you to member discounts on ADX classes and events, as well as member discounts on ADX Custom Fabrication, CNC and laser services. Business Membership pricing applies for any additional employees (25-30% off depending on the number of employees). Your ADX Pro Membership includes free coffee and unlimited access to all benefits of ADX membership.

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Sign Up for Our Newsletter and Get 10% Off Your First Month of Membership!