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July 2, 2015



ADX is a hub for collaboration where individuals and organizations make and learn. By sharing tools, knowledge, and experience, we’re doing things better — working together. Our makerspace, learning center, and custom fabrication shop allows anyone to bring their idea to life. In our 14,000­ square foot facility, high ­profile designers work alongside students, retirees share their knowledge with novice builders, and entrepreneurs collaborate with hobbyists.

The Shop Steward position is an unpaid work/trade position that requires two five (5) hour shifts for a total of ten (10) hours per week of shop oversight within the ADX facility. In exchange for your time, you will receive unlimited shop access during regular business hours, discounts on classes, and more! If you’re only able to work 5 hours per week, your membership will be 50% off. The primary duties of the Shop Steward are to assist members and maintain clean and safe shop environments. Other duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Shop oversight and maintenance including stocking first aid and consumables
  • Cleaning the wood and metal shops
  • Preparing the space for events
  • Following all opening and closing procedures
  • Assisting ADX staff and Membership Services Representatives in giving shop tours
  • Facility-based improvements and projects
  • Troubleshooting/answering member questions
  • Checking the project board for tasks during each shift
  • Additional tasks as required

While some basic tool and shop knowledge is required, these positions are meant to provide learning opportunities. Throughout the course of your work, you will gain practical knowledge in a variety of wood, metal, and digital fabrication tools.

We ask for a verbal 3-month commitment to this position. Though we would prefer to have our work/trade members to stick around longer, we realize that life happens. Each work/trade member that works 6 months or more will receive 30% off any membership for one year after their work/trade membership has ended.

No working member is permitted to be under the influence or drugs or alcohol during his/her shift.

To apply, please send a resume, work samples, references, and amusing cat image to, and take our tool knowledge survey so we can assess your starting skills:

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