Call for Makers + Artists: Artists Repertory Theatre

August 24, 2016

Portland Theatre Company, Artist Repertory is seeking to commission local Portland makers and artists to build hand-made instruments for their upcoming show: A Civil War Christmas.


The Details:

Artists Rep is looking for musical instrument/foley-type objects to be incorporated into the production of A Civil War Christmas.

The play tells the story of Christmas Eve in 1864 in Washington DC, using Christmas carols and songs of the era. The actors switch rapidly between songs, narration and various characters, as well as create all of the theatrical effects onstage in full view of the audience. The actors manipulating objects and/or materials will create all sound cues, such as a horse and wagon on cobblestones, wind, walking through snow, river sounds, a hammer hitting an anvil, a rifle being cocked, etc.


The music and soundscape will be entirely acoustically produced, with no electronic support. Objects should look like they could be simultaneously Civil War-era AND present day Portland.

Artists Rep is hoping to work with creative individuals who can help bring this sound story to surprising life. In addition to objects that can create sound effects, they are interested in musical instruments, such as a washtub bass or a playable “piano” built into the side of the set – or perhaps instruments that are of entirely new species.

Musically, the only restrictions would be that they are compatible with other instruments on stage (piano, guitar, mandolin, flute, banjo, violin, cello, etc.) and that the actors be able to learn to play it within a four-week rehearsal period.


Contact Luan Schooler:


Attention artists, designers & Makers!

Workspace available in a shared co-making space.

Email to come to take a look.