MakerFlat: A New Opportunity for Portland Makers

March 19, 2015

Are you a Portland maker looking for a way to get exposure to an audience outside Portland? Want to take advantage of the droves of people flocking to Portland to experience our neighborhoods and maker culture? Well the creators of Zenbox Design have something for you!

Introducing… MakerFlat.


MakerFlat is a SE Portland home that will be rented to people from around the world on a short term basis with a goal of being outfitted and decorated completely by local makers and artisans such as yourself. The beauty is that after spending a few days with Portland wares, if the guest wants to buy your piece they can simply take it with them or have shipped to their home. Creating an opportunity for immediate exposure, and often immediate sales to a crowd much larger (and with much deeper pockets) than our neighborhoods currently hold.

We assume this concept will have legs beyond simply those staying in the home and we plan to seek exposure from AirBnB, local and national media.

We are doing this because we find ourselves surrounded by creative and talented artists who are struggling with the same issues we have as makers. We long ago ran out of space to put our latest piece, and can’t make another until we find a place to move it or sell it, and the local Portland economy doesn’t yet seem to have the market.

MakerFlat will feature primarily modern/contemporary furniture and wares that focus on clean lines, truth in materials and comfort.

To learn more or arrange to have a piece/pieces in MakerFlat please contact Bryan Danger at or 503.679.7949

Below is a list of needs before the initial MakerFlat launch May1st:


Dining Room

  • table (table counter or bar height)
  • 6 chairs or stools to match
  • hanging light over table
  • set of plates
  • glassware
  • coat hooks/rack
  • wine rack/bottle holder
  • entry table
  • wall art



  • cutting board
  • chef’s knives
  • cutlery
  • wall art


Living Room

  • chairs
  • couch/sectional
  • end tables
  • coffee table
  • media/tv table/stand
  • table lights
  • floor lights
  • wall art


Bedroom 1

  • bed
  • bedside table
  • dresser
  • wall art
  • standing or hanging light/lamp
  • shelves/storage


Bedroom 2

  • bed
  • bedside table
  • dresser
  • wall art
  • standing or hanging light/lamp
  • shelves/storage



  • small table
  • standing light
  • vanity
  • shelves/storage


Outdoor Space

  • outdoor lounge chairs/benches
  • fire pit
  • fountain
  • outdoor art
  • street bikes (2)
  • outdoor table/chairs


Attention artists, designers & Makers!

Workspace available in a shared co-making space.

Email to come to take a look.