February 13, 2015


Shop Life is an ADX Photo Series, featuring people, projects and happenings around the shop.
This is Installment III.
We’ve heard that Friday the 13th is supposed to be bad luck, but with all the new and updated tools and machines we received this week, we’re not feeling unlucky at all.

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Studio 425

Attention artists, designers & Makers!

Workspace available in a shared co-working space.

3 spaces will be available, approx. 8ft x 9ft each. 24 hr keyed access, shared kitchenette and bathroom. $375 each space. Two spaces are adjacent and can be combined for one larger space.

Spaces are next door to ADX, a maker space and manufacturing incubator that includes a full wood, metal, print, and jewelry shop. Membership and access to the ADX shop is an additional $125.

Email to come to take a look.

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