Small Jobs Referral List

June 4, 2018

Please note: ADX cannot guarantee the quality of work provided by these individuals. Any agreement or contract entered between you and the maker is outside of ADX’s purview and we cannot be held liable for any and all incidents that occur. That said, we’re constantly impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of projects on the makerspace shop floor and are happy to share these opportunities with our members. This referral list is provided as a service to the community and is updated regularly. Last Update 6/4/18

Garren Epley
Call (503) 737-7100 or email garrenepley@gmail.comFrom Garren: 10+ years with woodworking in shop environment as well as on job sites doing professional carpentry work; design experience and modeling experience with AutoCAD, Revit, Fusion360, and SketchUp; access to CNC machinery.Self-identified Professional
Matt Faisetty
Call or text (503) 610-5205From Matt: Worked in metal fabrication for 15 years. Skilled at MIG/TIG welding and forming/shaping metal. Looking for small metal fab jobs.Self-identified Professional
Brian Fogg
Call (562) 301-9915 or email Brian: Skills range from 3D Modeling/Rendering, CAD, to working with Wood/Steel components. Types of jobs interested in are small productions scale to one-offs, especially the projects that may require a digital component or designing.Self-identified Professional
Annie Galen
Email anniegalen24@gmail.comFrom Annie: I am a hobbyist and am interested in small, simple woodworking and welding projects.Self-identified Hobbyist
Corey Guerrant
Call or text (503) 804-5444 or email wildrefinedpdx@gmail.comFrom Corey: I am a multi-media maker, specializing in fine woodworking (hardwoods, plywood, cabinetry, furniture, you name it!) though with fabrication skills in metal, welding, leatherwork, and many other media. Check out my Instagram (@wildrefinedwoodworks) for examples of my work! I charge $25/half-hour, minimum half-hour, or can provide an estimate for any specific job.Self-identified Professional
Timothy Hamilton
Email timothy.jay.hamilton@gmail.comFrom Timothy: I work primarily in Wood, Metal and Print media. Received Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies. I have experience with design and printing of patterns, T-shirts, posters, signs, business cards, invitations and more; design and construction of furniture, desks, chairs, wood and metal constructions; commissioned artwork, sculpture or print; modifications to existing pieces; consultationsSelf-identified Professional
Daniel Sowders
Call (816) 809-3107 or email dsowdy@gmail.comFrom Dan: A jack-of-all-trades. Laser engraving, woodworking, some cnc, dabble in some metal.Self-identified Professional




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