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Intro to Jewelry and Metalsmithing

Get to know the tools and begin to build the skills necessary to make everything from cool jewelry to a set of silverware from nonferrous metal! Learn how to lay out patterns on metal, saw, texture, form, and solder in this 4-hour class.

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Stacker Ring Basics

Join metalsmith Lindsey Snell in learning how to measure, cut, prep, form, solder, texture, and finish your own set of rings in this 4-hour workshop.

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Jewelry Soldering Basics

Improve your soldering skills in this course which covers in detail the use of the jewelry acetylene torch. In this class you will learn the basics of soldering soft metals, completing samples of the most commonly used types of joints. More complex and intricate joints can be introduced, students who already have taken the Intro to Jewelry and Metalsmithing class but wish to expand their skill set will want to jump in here!

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Current Classes

Cabochon Stone Rings Series

Set yourself up for further metalsmithing success in this 2 session series as you learn how to bezel set stones after making a ring or pendant. Choose a matte or high polished finish and walk away wearing or gifting your piece. This classic single-stone style builds on the basic skills introduced in Intro to Jewelry and Metalsmithing while applying the processes to a fun project.

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No classes right now Contact us to be notified about the next one.

Riveted Bangle Bracelets

Saw and hammer out the bangle bracelets of your liking while learning how to rivet metal to metal or organic materials together. Riveting is a classic, durable and popular way to create cold connections in jewelry designs (a "cold connection" is the joining together of metal components without using solder). This 3 hour course is a fun project-based class that is a great starting point for beginner metalsmiths.

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Nonmember: $125

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Acid Etching Basics

Acid etching has been done for centuries to adorn non-ferrous metals with designs and images. Don't be intimidated, this is a very accessible process for beginners and experts alike! In this class students are provided 6"x4" of 16 gauge copper or brass sheet which can be used to make many different pieces of jewelry: a pendant necklace, a cuff bracelet, earrings, charms, name plates, and more! The pieces will be cut by hand, holes drilled, and shaped using hammers and files. Ferric chloride is then used to chemically etch the surface with an image of your choosing, either hand drawn or applied via a toner and iron transfer.

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Current Classes

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