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Intro to Metal Shop

Interested in making something out of metal? This 4-hour class seeks to provide you with the fundamental skills and confidence necessary to safely operate within the ADX metal shop, including how to safely clean, cut, drill, grind, form and weld mild steel.

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Nonmember: $200
Starter kit: $425 - includes 3 months of membership with metal shop access, a $375 value!

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MIG Welding Basics

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is a great way to join mild steel quickly. MIG is extremely versatile and the easiest type of welding to learn. With practice, you will be able to make strong welds on steel and aluminum. This 4-hour class will teach you the fundamental skills and build the confidence needed to get started with serious welding. You'll learn how to properly set up the machine, setup your work piece, and the properties of a good weld.

Member: $100
Nonmember: $150

Current Classes

TIG Welding Basics

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding produces the cleanest welds, provides the welder the greatest amount of control, but takes the most practice to master. This 4-hour class will give you the fundamental skills and build the confidence needed to take your welding to the next level. You'll learn how to properly set up the machine, clean and maintain your tools, and the properties of a good weld. Special attention will be given to the safety of the welder and those working around them. 

Member: $100
Nonmember: $150

Current Classes

Wood and Metal Table Fabrication

This 5-session series is the full package! Start in the Wood Shop by collecting, arranging, cutting, and gluing up exotic wood scraps for a unique tabletop; plane the completed boards, and add finishing oil or poly topcoat.  While in the metal shop, prepare and cut metal for a stand, weld, grind new welds and rough edges, and paint if desired. Finally, assemble the tabletop to the stand for a totally unique piece of furniture, all under the tutelage of a very talented ADX Maker. 

Member: $400
Nonmember: $600 - includes Intro to Wood and Intro to Metal courses, plus 1 month of membership with wood and metal access, a $325 value!

Current Classes

No classes right now Contact us to be notified about the next one.

Plasma CNC Basics

Cut steel and aluminum on our PRO Series Plasma CNC! This class will teach students how to set up, safely use, and troubleshoot common problems with the Metal Shop CNC. Learn how to format, upload and print your files, as well as how to set up a CNC and make sure it runs smoothly and safely. Basic design and file setup is covered, though this class focuses on how to operate the Plasma CNC machine. Consider scheduling One-on-One Instruction to learn about how to design files.

Member: $75
Nonmember: $125

Current Classes

Hairpin Leg Endtables

They're all the rage right now! Hairpin legs are simple to construct and elegant in form, easily added to any flat surface to form a table. In this class we cover how to bend steel using an Oxy/Acetylene torch into a tight V, then welding into 4 individual 18" legs and attaching to the underside of a finished wood top. This single session class is a primer on Oxy/Acetylene torch setups and only scrapes the surface of what may be the most versatile tool in a metal shop.

Member: $100
Nonmember: $150

Current Classes

Scrappy Lamps: MIG

This project-based class will help introduce a few tools and processes in the metal shop, sparking your learning and creativity! Using various types of mild steel, students freely build a sculptural lamp base of their own design. Through this they use a few necessary tools including MIG welding, a great beginner welding method that is fast and strong. Also covered is basic electrical wiring for small non-grounded appliances. At the end of this 4 hour class, students can bring home their creation to light up their world!

Members: $125
Nonmembers: $175

Current Classes

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