Intro to Screen Printing

The beauty of screen printing is that if it is flat, you can print on it, including wood, metal, fabric, plastic and paper. It is a versatile medium used to quickly and cheaply make multiples of your artwork. This 4-hour class walks students through the creation of a two-color print from start to finish, including how to coat, expose, wash, and reclaim screens, printing posters, and maintaining a clean working environment.

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T-Shirt Basics: Screenprinting

Learn how to print your own small production run of T-shirts using ADX's 4-color press! Building on the basics covered in Intro to Screenprinting, this course will cover the production process behind printing a multi-color design onto shirts, napkins, and most any small-to-medium sized fabrics.​​​​​​​

Member: $60
Nonmember: $85

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Printing Press Basics

In this 3-hour class we introduce traditional printmaking methods of relief, intaglio, and letterpress printing. Our beautiful press (Gloria) was custom designed and built in-house and is capable of achieving the necessary pressure for most printmaking techniques. Using a variety of pre-cut blocks made by hand, CNC, and laser, this class shows the versatility of a rolling-bed printing press. Monoprinting, chine-collé, and the printing of found-objects are also discussed and demonstrated. Students will leave class with the operational knowledge of the press, some example prints they created, and the inspiration to make their own blocks and print almost anything on paper!

Members: $65
Nonmembers: $120

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Japanese Woodcut Watercolor Prints

Japanese woodcut techniques date back to the 8th century when printing methods were shared by Chinese Buddhist temples. The traditional tools and techniques have not changed since then and are now taught worldwide. Quick to learn but difficult to master, Japanese Woodcut Printmaking is a safe and economical way to make unique handmade works of art. You’ll leave class with a block you carved, prints you printed, and the knowledge you need to practice at home. This relief printing technique is done entirely by hand and with minimal tools; this makes it possible to complete prints from start to finish nearly anywhere!

Member: $75
Nonmember: $120

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Pattern Printing Series

In this 2-class series you'll learn how to create a repeating pattern using a variety of media, and how to print that pattern onto a flat surface, designing your own textiles or wallpaper! Patterns on fabric can be used for garments, upholstery, tapestries, curtains, and much more, leading to many potential projects that utilize the various shops at ADX. This challenging but fun buddy-printing technique builds on the principles learned in Intro to Screenprinting, so sign up with a friend and get inspired together! You'll leave class with a section of patterned fabric that you helped print!

Member: $145
Non-member: $210

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Coptic Stitched Block Printed Sketchbooks

Learn how to construct a Coptic Stitch sketchbook with a block printed cover completely by hand! This binding style makes excellent sketchbooks and journals because of the way that they lay flat when you open them, so your book won’t close on you when you try to write or draw. In this class, you will be introduced to a variety of binding styles, the tools needed for bookbinding, linoleum block printing, and receive a step by step tutorial on a beautiful Coptic bound book of your very own! Every aspect of the process can be completely customized depending on what the book is being used for, making bookbinding an incredibly personal experience. The shape of the book, the texture of the paper, the color of the thread, can all communicate something different, which makes flipping through a new book almost as exciting as getting to know a new person!

Members: $75
Nonmembers: $120

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Wooden Books

Make a book out of wood in a way you never thought possible. In this 3 hour class you will choose your selection of wood for pages and covers and turn it into a small book that can be used for a variety of things! This sturdy book can be used like any other, as a sketchbook or journal, but is also ideal for a photo album, collage, or painting. Or use a wood burning tool or laser engraver to really make use of the solid wood pages! This class opens doors to people who want to work across mediums, perfect for bookbinders and woodworkers who want to break away from the traditional projects.

Members: $70
Nonmembers: $100

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No classes right now Contact us to be notified about the next one.

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