Wood Shop

Intro to Wood Shop

Interested in making something out of wood? This 4-hour class will give you the fundamental skills and build the confidence needed to safely create two identical and square pieces of wood. Not only will this make you a better woodworker, you'll be able to turn unsurfaced lumber into usable boards with ease. You'll also learn how to properly care for tools and clean up after use. 

Member: $96
Nonmember: $246 - includes 1 complimentary month of membership with wood shop access, a $175 value!

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Router Table Basics

This 4-hour class will outline the most basic functions to get you familiar and comfortable with this most versatile of powertools. Essentially a big electric motor fitted with a collet that holds a cutting head (bit), a router runs uni-directionally and (often) at variable speed. Learn how to safely use the machine and tools, properly set up the table, exchange bits, gain lots of hands-on experience and build a sweet box. 

Member: $109
Nonmember: $182

Current Classes

Table Saw Basics

An entire 4-hour class dedicated to our SawStop; students learn how to make the most of this versatile tool while building a simple trinket box.

Member: $109
Nonmember: $182

Current Classes

CNC Router Basics

Learn how to cut or engrave on our Pro Series 60"x120" CNC Router. This class will teach students how to set up, safely use, and troubleshoot common problems with the Wood Shop CNC. Members must attend this workshop before renting time to use the CNC.

Member: $65
Nonmember: $148

Current Classes

Kitchen Knife Series

Join us for a 2-day workshop building a handle, assembling a knife and sharpening the 6” Damascus Steel blade for use in the kitchen.  Work with a selection of exotic hardwoods to shape a custom handle, learn how to properly apply epoxy to attach scales to the tang, drill pin holes, buffer the wood, and finally, polish the blade throughout with sandpaper and sharpen for use.

Member: $225
Nonmember: $275

Current Classes

Wood and Metal Table Fabrication Series

This 4-session series is the full package! Start in the Wood Shop by collecting, arranging, cutting, and gluing up exotic wood scraps for a unique tabletop; plane the completed boards, and add finishing oil or poly topcoat.  While in the metal shop, prepare and cut metal for a stand, weld, grind new welds and rough edges, and paint if desired. Finally, assemble the tabletop to the stand for a totally unique piece of furniture, all under the tutelage of a very talented ADX Maker. 

Member: $325
Nonmember: $500 - includes 1 month of unlimited membership, a $200 value!

Current Classes

No classes right now Contact us to be notified about the next one.

Wooden Books

Make a book out of wood in a way you never thought possible. In this 3 hour class you will choose your selection of wood for pages and covers and turn it into a small book that can be used for a variety of things! This sturdy book can be used like any other, as a sketchbook or journal, but is also ideal for a photo album, collage, or painting. Or use a wood burning tool or laser engraver to really make use of the solid wood pages! This class opens doors to people who want to work across mediums, perfect for bookbinders and woodworkers who want to break away from the traditional projects.

Members: $70
Nonmembers: $100

Current Classes

No classes right now Contact us to be notified about the next one.

Kumiko Speaker

Traditional Japanese woodworking is famous for it's precise joinery that requires no hardware or glue to maintain strength. This technique is also used to create intricate, wooden, functional artwork, known as kumiko, which is used within Japanese style-rooms to create a stunning atmosphere. In this four-hour class you will make and take home a small powered speaker to liven up your cooking, working or playing! The class is an introduction to the kumiko woodworking technique as well as very (very!) simple electronics. Along with the speaker, you will leave with an understanding of the physics of a loud speaker and an fairly intimate relationship with basswood.

Member: $111
Non-member: $175 

Current Classes

Hope Chests Series

Build and customize your own full-size hope chest in this 4 session series. This is a traditional woodworking project that utilizes many of the tools and processes frequently done in a wood shop, teaching you how to square up material, prepare for assembly, and protect for longtime use. This class is great for beginners and intermediate students who want to build on their woodworking skills while making a beautiful keepsake that can be used for many years to come.

Member: $350
Nonmember: $500 - includes 1 month of membership with wood shop access, a $175 value!

Current Classes

Lathe Tool Basics

Gain your confidence with this powerful and traditional tool by taking this 3 hour class that covers all the basics. Wood turning is a fun and satisfying process to make many different projects from table legs to bowls to knitting needles in a very short time. This skill-based class gives you hands-on time on the lathe under the direct supervision of an experienced wood turner. The different types of knives, gouges, and chisels are demonstrated and practiced, also learning how to sharpen and keep sharp using safe, proper cutting techniques.

Member: $65
Nonmember: $125

Current Classes

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