Member Laser Use

September 1, 2018

Laser Use Rules:

  • Completion of the New Member Orientation is required before using the laser.
  • Completion of the Laser Cutter Basics class is required before using the laser.
  • You must have an active membership in order to use the laser.
  • You must reserve time on the laser prior to use either over the phone or in person with a representative at the front desk
  • The rental fee to use the laser is $25/half hour rounded to the next half hour (example: if you use the laser for 40 minutes, the rental fee will be $50), with a half hour minimum. There is no per minute laser fee for independent use.
  • You must check in with the representative at the front desk when you start AND stop using the laser.
  • Laser will be unlocked and locked by Membership Representative – no checking out the laser key!
  • Make sure the laser area is clean and clear when you leave


Laser Use Payment Options:

  • Pay Per Session: ($25/30min) Check out at the front desk after each session and pay by the half hour.
  • Pre-paid Card: ($125/card) Pre-pay for 5 half hour sessions and get 1 more free! Pre-paid cards are $125/each, can be purchased from and are kept at the front desk, and are processed just like shop passes.



Member use: there is NO PER MINUTE RATE.  All time is booked in 1/2 hour increments, tracked by the front desk and charged at a rate of $25/hour. Minimum slot is 1/2 hour. Are you interested in less than 30 minutes of time?

  • One pass is for 1/2 hour, $25.  Pass Bundle is six 1/2 hour punches, $125
  • If you REALLY NEED the laser and do not have time for the orientation class then you will be billed for One-on-One instruction.


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