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CNC Router Basics

Learn how to cut or engrave on our PRO Series 60120 (5’x10′) CNC Router. This class will teach students how to set up, safely use, and troubleshoot common problems with the Wood Shop CNC. Learn how to format, upload and print your files, as well as how to set up a CNC and make sure it runs smoothly and safely.
NOTE: This class does not cover the concepts needed to design a CAD or vector file. Rather, we focus on how to create tool paths for a CAD or vector file. Consider scheduling One-on-One Instruction to learn about how to design files. For more information, contact

***Looking for a class on how to use a Router Table? This is a very different tool! We offer a Router Table Basics class as well, check out our class catalog for a list of all the current postings.

Understand the 5 Stages of the typical Digital Fabrication workflow
Customizing a 2.5D wall-mount sign project
Creating and Validating Toolpaths
Exporting Toolpath CNC Program
Common material work-holding and nesting strategies
Auto and Manual Zeroing of work coordinates
“Driving” the CNC machine
Emergency & Safety procedures
Loading and Running Toolpath CNC Programs on the machine

CNC Router Parts PRO Series 60120, 5’x10′ CNC Router
Vectric VCarve (Makerspace Edition)

We recommend a basic knowledge of and experience with vector files and file setup.

Sami Woolhiser is an ADX fabricator and resident CNC-whisperer.

Successful completion of CNC Router Basics provides members with access to our CNC Router; your class fee includes one hour of CNC use. Please schedule by speaking with a Member Rep at the Front Desk or by calling (503) 915-4342 or emailing

CNC Rental is $25/per hour run-time, with a minimum of $50 (2 hours). Your time begins once you have checked out the laptop from our front desk. Save time on the machine by creating your file on one of our other computers in the bridge!

Access to the 60″x120″ CNC Router is available in 4-hour sessions:
Morning Session 9am-1pm
Afternoon Session 1-5pm
Evening Session 5-9pm

Classes are limited to 4 students to ensure lots of hands-on time with the tools and personal attention from the instructor. If the class is sold out but you’re still interested in this particular class, we can add your name to a waitlist and will contact you if a ticket becomes available. Email for more information.

Check out our class policies here.

November 12, 2018 6:00 PM
November 12, 2018 10:00 PM
417 SE 11th AVE
Portland OR United States
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(503) 915-4342

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