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Our 14,000 SQ/FT facility has everything you need to GET MAKING!


Wood Shop

Full of all the tools you need to make anything out of wood. It houses our bandsaw, planer, tablesaw, sawstop, jointer, CNC router, and more.

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Metal Shop

Fully equipped with everything you need to work with metal. We’ve got MIG and TIG welders, grinders, bandsaw, vertical mill, and more.

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Factory Floor

Your shared space to design and build. Includes work benches, open work space, and our tool library. Dedicated project space or coworking desks are also available.


The Bridge

Where you go to digitally design, prototype, and tinker with technology. Gain access to 3D printers, a laser cutter, Autodesk software, Arduino kits, and more.

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The Cube

Opened in 2015, the Cube Craft lab is our new space for screen printing, jewelry making, garment and industrial sewing, small metal-smithing.

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Tool Library

Our tool library is stocked with all the basics, like drills and sanders, so you can start making on day one.

What will you make?

“Having the space and the resources to work on projects was wonderful, and it was made even better by the community. Whether you need help with your work, or just want to hear about someone else’s cool project ADX is full of amazing people who are happy to teach you what they know.”

– Kathleen C.

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