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Our Metalshop features over twenty thousand dollars worth of tools to take your project from raw steel to final assembly.

Whether you’re new to the art or a master metalworker, you’ll find the tools and knowledge necessary for success in our shop.


Garage Shop Essentials

Used in almost every metal project from table bases, to knives, to bike building.


16” Horizontal Bandsaw

Drill Press

Abrasive Chop Saw

Table-Mounted Pipe Bender

Two MIG Welders

Angle Grinders

16 Guage Stomp Sheer

16 Guage Finger Brake

Material Blaster


Sparks and Fire

Want to make decorative table legs, hand-shaped sculptures, or just need to hide fat welds? We’ve got you covered.


Plasma Cutter

Oxy-Acetaline Torch


15” Disc Grinder

Bench Grinder



Advanced Metalworking

For those looking for precision machining and welding.


Vertical Milling Machine

Two TIG Welders

Tapping Machine

Tap and Die Sets



Safety and Accessories

Hail Safety!


MIG Welding Masks

TIG Welding Masks

Plasma Cutter and Oxy Torch Welding Masks

Welding Gloves, Jumpsuits and Arm Covers

Disposable Dust Masks


What will you make?

Materials and Storage

Bring it in, have it delivered or pull it from our scrap bin.


Free Short-Term Material Storage

Rentable Long-Term Storage and Lockers

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