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Our "Cube" Craft Lab features over ten thousand dollars worth of tools and accessories to take your project from idea to final iteration.

Whether you are new to the crafts or an experienced Maker, you’ll find the tools and knowledge necessary for success in our shop.


 Screen Printing

All the tools necessary to make screens, burn screens and print your art onto a variety of materials.


4-Color Ryonet Press

Drying Rack

Exposure Unit

Flash Dryer


Jewelry and Small-Scale Metalsmithing

Use our variety of tools to start your own jewelry line or make a custom piece for your loved one.


Jewelry Drill Press


Etching Solutions

Acetylene Jewelry Soldering Torch

Jewelers Saw Frame

Assorted Jewelry Hand Tools


Sewing Studio

From hemming pants to patterning and assembling your own custom bike bag: we’ve got you covered!


ConSew 206RB Industrial Sewing Machine

Ironing Board and Irons

Bernina Embroidery & Garment Sewing Machine (insert Model)

Cutting Mat

Fabric Scissors

What will you make?

Materials and Storage

Bring it in, have it delivered or pull it from our scrap bin.


Free Short-Term Material Storage

Rentable Long-Term Storage and Lockers

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