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Our Woodshop features over forty-thousand dollars worth of the tools necessary to take your project from raw lumber to final assembly.

Whether you’re new to the art or a master woodworker, you’ll find the tools and knowledge necessary for success in our shop.

Garage Shop Essentials:

Used in almost every project from shelves to Windsor chairs.


 Two Saw Stop Tablesaws (Dado set included)

14” Vertical Bandsaw

24” Drum Sander

8” Jointer

20” Planer 

12” Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Drill Press

Drills and Drivers

Skill Saw and Jigsaws

Dry Assembly Tables (with built in vice)

LOTS of Clamps!

Old School

From bowls, to tool handles, to dove-tail joinery, these tools are not for the impatient Maker.


42” Wood Lathe (some gouges provided)


Hand Planes

Hand Saws (Japanese and Western)

Files, Rasps

Hammers and Mallets

Sanding Station

Get that silky smooth feeling on your final project with a variety of sanding tools at your disposal


80” Belt Sander

Combo Sander (vertical belt and circular)

Orbital Sanders

Oscilating Spindle Sander


Specialty Tools

Whether your building a picture frame, a dining room table or 30ft Adirondack chair these tools have you covered


4ft X 8ft Shopbot CNC

Router Table

Hollow Chisel Mortising Machine

Radial Arm Drill Press

Scroll Saws

Biscuit Jointer


What will you make?

Materials and Storage

Bring it in, have it delivered or pull it from our scrap bin.


Free Short-Term Material Storage

Rentable Long-Term Storage and Lockers


Glue Ups and Finishing

Before you buy glue or finish check our stock of free, donated glue and finishes!


Glue ups and Finishing can be done in our Loading Bay or Factory Floor space.

Looking to spray finish? Ask a Staff member about our spray booth setup.

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