Portland Made Book – SAVE $10 NOW!


It is the legions of artisans and craftspeople and entrepreneurs and doers who are re-inventing and reshaping artisanal manufacturing one hand-made product at a time. It is the people who are starting businesses, developing products, honing their skills and offering support and sharing tools and knowledge with each other. The Maker Movement is gaining momentum across the globe, and everyone is looking to Portland to uncover the who, what, why and how of this critical resurgence of artisanal manufacturing. Through the creation of beautiful and thoughtfully produced goods – from food and fashion to housewares and craft brewing – Portland is showcasing the city’s deeply embedded values and playing a lead role in shaping the fast-growing manufacturing renaissance.
As the founder and owner of ADX, I have had the good fortune to be at the helm of an extraordinary experiment in urban life. Portland is at the forefront of a New American Manufacturing Revolution, and ADX has been an important catalyst in shaping the handcrafted goods movement. I am constantly asked-by Portlanders, non-Portlanders, politicians, non-profits, other creatives who want to start similar movements in their own cities – what this creative renaissance looks like. This book is the answer.
*Cartopia: Portland’s Food Cart Revolution documents – through stories and photography – how the perfect storm of Portland’s independent culture, artisan economy, and “foodie” scene created the food cart revolution.