Shield Shop – Standard Round Shield

(27.5” diameter, 2” thick at edge, 4” thick at center) Punch Shield in “metal and leather” faux-finish.

Product ships within 4 weeks. You’ll have a chance to select your “metal and leather” finish during checkout.

About the Maker:

The Shield-Shop sells foam-and-Plastidip™ shields and weapons that are legal game equipment for Belegarth, Dagorhir, and Amtgard Medieval Battle Games, and perfect for props, LARPS, Combat Sports, and cosplay.

The Shield-Shop features the work of PNW artist Shannon Cramer, and the shield design of Seth Curran. Seth has a background in shop-crafting and over 15 years of equipment design. Shannon is a painter, sculptor, and art teacher who majored in Fine Arts at the University of Oregon. Their collaborations cover a broad range of media, from foam and leather sculpture to 2d stencil prints and paintings.


Shield Shop offers a year warranty for “the structural integrity of your shield for the first year after your purchase. This means that the main sculpted elements, the strapping, and the sheets of foam that form your shield blank, are guaranteed to last in combat for the first year, when shields are cared for properly. Shield care and maintenance can be found on our website,”