10″ Wooden Sphere w/ Secret Compartment by Charlie Haughey

These one-of-a-kind wooden spheres are hand-made at ADX by resident artist Charlie Haughey. Each sphere is made 100% from scrap wood found in our community shop. The spheres are finished with a floor finish so that they may be handled repeatedly without damage to the exterior finish.

This sphere has a secret compartment that gives the owner access to the hollow interior. So far, Charlie hasn’t told anyone how to open it. Will you be the first and only other one to know the secret?

Who is Charlie Haughey? Charlie is a retired master carpenter, Vietnam war photographer, storyteller, harmonica player, poet, grandfather and artist who found his way to ADX very shortly after we opened our doors. Charlie will tell you it took him 70 years to become a starving artist, but he finally made it!

The Sphere is roughly 11 inches in diameter.

Are You Local? Email matt@adxportland.com to set up a time to see the spheres and/or pick them up in person.